Local Routes

Schuyler County Century     Covers the county with moderate climbing and long downhill sections                             100+ miles

Fast Flat Century                    Rolling route, mostly Hwy with good shoulders and one very early climb.                 97 miles

Bluff Point                                  Scenic challenging ride from Montour Falls to Bluff Point  and  back over five climbs         85 miles

Coopers-Whiskey Creek          Two good climbs, Long downgrades, City Traffic                                                                       66 miles

Telegraph Road                        Two Early Climbing Sections then Flats and Grades, Highway Sections                                  65 miles

Arnot Forest                               Rolling Climbs with Bears Possible                                                                                                49 miles
Rock Stream-Beaver Dams   Twenty miles steady climb then twenty Five steady descent                                                    46 miles

Wayne's Ride                             Tough Early Climb, screaming straight descent rolling scenic                                               44 miles

Chubb Hollow                           One Climb Lakeveiw Return                                                                                                           44 miles

Three Hill Ride                           Three climbs in the west - One Long, One Soft, One Steep and a long fast descent         33 miles

Barrington                                Three More Climbs in the West One Cat 2 & two Cat 5                                                             50 miles

Moreland-Rocksteam             Three Climbs in the West for a North Wind Day    One Cat 3 Two Cat 4                                48 miles